From Ministry of Water DCOM Manual

1 Din specifications

This Specification sets out, but not limited to, the main DIN standards to be used by Contractor for the design, construction, supply and erection of the works.

1.1 Design Nomenclature

DIN 1080 Definitions, formula-signs and technical units for civil works
DIN 1356 Drawings for civil works

1.2 Design Loads

DIN 1055 Design loads for civil works (general), characteristic values of soil, traffic loads, wind load
DIN 1072 Design loads for bridges
DIN 4112 Design loads for mobile structures subsoil and foundation
DIN 1054 Subsoil; design loads
DIN 4014 Piling
DIN 4017 Calculations for foundation failure
DIN 4018 Calculation of s6il pressure below spread foundation
DIN 4019 Calculation of settlements
DIN 4021 Exploration of subsoil
DIN 4026 Driving piles
DIN 4084 Calculations of Slope failure
DIN 4095 Subsoil; drainage
DIN 4124 Subsoil and trenches; slopes, working spaces, supporting
DIN 4085 Subsoil; calculation of earth pressure at retaining walls

1.3 Reinforced Concrete

DIN 1045 Concrete and reinforced concrete, dimensioning and performance
DIN 1048 Quality tests of concrete
DIN 1164 Cement
DIN 4226 Concrete aggregates; definitions, sizes, quality requirements and testing
DIN 488 Reinforcing steel; dimensions, quality requirements, marking and testing
DIN 4099 Welding of Reinforcing steel
DIN 1084 Quality control for concrete

1.4 Timber Works And Scaffolding

DIN 1052 Timber works; performance
DIN 68800 Protective coating for woodwork
DIN 4074 Construction timber; quality requirements
DIN 4420 Scaffolding; calculations and performance

1.5 Steelwork

DIN 4114 Steelwork; basis for calculation, instructions, terms of reference
DIN 15018 Steel construction; basis for design and performance, calculations
DIN 18800 Steel construction; dimensioning, construction, welding
DIN 4102 Fire capability of structural elements
DIN 18230 Fire resistance of structural elements

1.6 Waterproofing

DIN 18795 Waterproofing for structures; general, materials, dimensioning and performance

1.7 Masonry Work

DIN 1053 Masonry work; calculations and performance

1.7.1 Codes Of Practice

DIN 18300 Earthworks
DIN 18301 Drilling works
DIN 18303 Excavation lining
DIN 18304 Driving works
DIN 18305 Groundwater lowering
DIN 18330 Masonry works
DIN 18331 Concrete and reinforced concrete
DIN 18332 Natural stonework
DIN 18333 Artificial stonework
DIN 18334 Carpentry
DIN 18336 Waterproofing against moisture
DIN 18337 Waterproofing against pressurized
DIN 18338 Roofing
DIN 18339 Plumbing works
DIN 18350 Plastering
DIN 18352 Tiling
DIN 18353 Screeding works
DIN 18354 Bituminous paving
DIN 18355 Joinery
DIN 18361 Glazing
DIN 18363 Painting works
DIN 18365 Flooring
DIN 18379 Ventilation works
DIN 18381 Sanitary installation